Part 3 – Unloading your overload at work!

Part 3 – Unloading your overload at work!

Last week we reviewed the signs and symptoms of stress due to overload and below are some strategies to gain control and reduce overwhelm on the job.

  1. Do a weekly plan prior to the week and map out your working days; what you will address each day, based on what is required of you to accomplish as urgent and important with deadlines or commitments.
  2. Begin each day with the tasks that you don’t like as much and are avoiding. Get them over with so the rest of the day can be focused on the things that excite you.
  3. Document at the end of each day your key WINS and accomplishments to measure progress toward achieving weekly goals.
  4. Clear the clutter of your work space and only have on your desk the things that you use on a daily basis.
  5. Archive and purge your files, shelves and drawers regularly and archive your computer files that are over 2 years old.
  6. Let go of trying to use memory for important passwords, pins and frequently used numbers and contacts. Set up a confidential file where all are stored for quick reference.
  7. Cut down on distractions and interruptions by blocking out UNITERUPTED FOCUS time and turn off emails and let the phone be rerouted and let your colleagues know to not disturb you as you are on a deadline.
  8. Don’t SIT ALL DAY without movement.  Consider a stand-up desk option and/ or stop what you are doing and get up and walk, move or stretch for a few minutes to get oxygen to your body and brain.
  9. For one week, log the time that you spend on each work task during the day of what the task was, how long it took and what the result was.  At the end of the week, go back and add up the hours you devote to each task.
  10.  Don’t skip meals and lunch time do to workload.  Take a brain and exercise break with healthy eating and avoid the afternoon crash of energy.
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Dr.Douglas T. Hanson
Dr. Douglas Hanson is a Greater City of Sudbury area Dentist driven by lifelong learning, advanced technologies, and online marketing. In addition to the obvious, Dr.Hanson has lectured and presented to audiences on topics such as; leadership from within, temporal mandibular disorders, implant dentistry, obstructive sleep apnea and most recently on world class customer service. Writing about some of these topics on social media and online has provided a new avenue for Dr.Hanson to share his passion for both dental subject matter, as well as leadership and personal awareness and enhancement. Check out his Twitter and Facebook feeds and allow Dr. Doug to share his passion!


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