Any Changes In Your Health Since Your Last Visit?

Any Changes In Your Health Since Your Last Visit?

Have you ever wondered why or even questioned why your Dentist asks you about your overall health, medications and often takes your blood pressure?

You are not alone, in fact many of our patients wonder why this is important. I usually explain that in Dentistry almost everything that we do is invasive and involves the delivery of a drug (local anaesthetic) that has epinephrine in it as well. Epinephrine works like adrenalin and has widespread effects on your circulatory and respiratory systems. These drugs interact with many medications, herbal supplements and health conditions!

Make sure you keep your Dentist informed of everything in your health history, your life could depend on it.

Thanks for reading have a wonderful and healthy day!

Dr Douglas T Hanson

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Dr.Douglas T. Hanson
Dr. Douglas Hanson is a Greater City of Sudbury area Dentist driven by lifelong learning, advanced technologies, and online marketing. In addition to the obvious, Dr.Hanson has lectured and presented to audiences on topics such as; leadership from within, temporal mandibular disorders, implant dentistry, obstructive sleep apnea and most recently on world class customer service. Writing about some of these topics on social media and online has provided a new avenue for Dr.Hanson to share his passion for both dental subject matter, as well as leadership and personal awareness and enhancement. Check out his Twitter and Facebook feeds and allow Dr. Doug to share his passion!


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